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Meet Taline


Taline Kuyumjian (Tah-leen Koo-yoom-jon), has been working with the cultural sector for over a decade. Her career has spanned education work in art museums to evaluation work in science centers. Focusing on visitors and creating an accessible, engaging informal learning environment has been a constant theme in her practice.

She aims to empower teams to build a culture of evaluation and to expand evaluation capacity, doing this through a collaborative approach and using visual communications. This approach has allowed her to work more effectively with practitioners and increase the relevance of evaluation work.

Additional skills she brings include supporting strategic thinking and planning efforts, such as developing and maintaining logic models, a desire to advance the visitor studies field, expertise in developing and administering qualitative and quantitative methodology, and awareness of and appreciation for best practices regarding ethical practices with human participants.

We value road safety and road snacks!

We value road safety and road snacks!

Taline received a M.A. in Museology, a graduate level certificate in Audience Research, and a graduate level certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Washington in Seattle. She received a B.S.E. in Business Administration and holds a minor in Art History from Saint Mary's College of California in Moraga.

When not working on projects, Taline is an avid reader (making infographics on her yearly reads... nerd alert). She enjoys indulging in all the Pacific Northwest has to offer: lush hikes, delicious food and wine, fun craft brews, and a year-round excuse to wear (buy) boots. When she can, she roadtrips up and down the West Coast, always with her cat / intern Saskia in the passenger seat.