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I Get Shutdown, I Get Up Again

Last year sharing updates brought me a lot of joy. I got to showcase pictures, highlight projects, and generally revel in the life I’ve been able to build for myself. All of these positives are still wildly true yet 2019 has felt different and harder. Here I reflect on why so that I can get back to the fun stuff.

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I Read A Lot in 2018

In what has become one of my favorite ways to start of the new year, I am excited to share with you my 2018 reading infographic… er, executive summary!!! Reviewing my data in this way highlighted a lot of personally interesting and also some not-so-flattering findings about my reading behavior. Read on if you’re curious to see what I mean!

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From Alaska to Dungeons & Dragons

I’m currently working on a report where I want to be able to showcase the distribution of respondents across U.S. regions. I wanted to visualize this in a way that connected the data to location in a dynamic way. It led to an interesting quest across the interwebs.

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