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A Year of Books and Data

My intern has really taken to report writing. 

It is currently reporting season, which means there is not a lot of fun, professional action happening over at Kuyumjian Consulting LLC headquarters that I care to blog about at the moment.  Don't get me wrong... I'm having fun, but mostly it's just me and my intern sitting in our "corner office with a view" from morning to night, running numbers, creating graphs, and constructing a narrative.  I'm enjoying seeing projects transition phases; my intern enjoys having me around more often for some more one-on-one mentoring. (FYI, my intern is my cat. I do not actually have a human intern.) However,  I do have some data-driven fun happening in my personal life that I'm excited to share!

Earlier this week I closed the cover on my 60th book of the year. I was updating my reading spreadsheet (...yes) and thought it would be fun to post about that this week. Specifically, I wanted to share out the dorky extent I took this hobby to last year... creating an infographic of everything I read in 2016.

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I keep track of everything I read both on Goodreads and in the aforementioned spreadsheet. It is a thing of beauty and a great source of fun! The idea to turn my data into an infographic came late last year when I wanted to practice creativity in reporting, learn some new platforms (Piktochart was not for me. Viva Canva!), and to play with some fun data I was already mindlessly gathering.  I'm pretty proud of this first effort and plan to make it an annual practice. Broadly I track tracks titles, authors, familiarity with author, gender, pages, publication dates, time it took to read, recommendations, and ratings. I have a "dashboard" of auto-calculations going to help see my progress towards personal goals in my spreadsheet. As you can see, there is a lot of reporting fun to be had!

Have a look below at 2016's infographic. I hope to start work on 2017's this December and share it out in January 2018. If you have reading recommendation, or reporting recommendations, leave them in the comments section!

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