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Featured Exhibition: King School Art Show

On Monday, November 20, 2017, I was able to attend the exhibition opening for works from KSMoCA (King School Museum of Contemporary Art) at Portland Children's Museum. The intimate gallery space features works of art from students in grades K-8.

KSMoCA is a museum housed within a public school. In partnership with Portland State University, collegiate faculty work with students to create pieces of contemporary art. The works on display showcase superhero profiles (pictured below), Warhol-inspired prints of endangered species, and even rendering of imagined museums. They are playful, thought-provoking, and inspiring. They highlight and celebrate the intelligent, creative spirit of young students.

Unfortunately my phone was completely dead when I as at the exhibition, so the only installation image I can show you is a snap sent to me from the Museum. However, links about the project have been embedded throughout this post. I strongly encourage you to check them out - if you're local, go visit! You, too, might be delighted by the work on view. And, don't be two surprised if you bump into an extraterrestrial creature! 

Image courtesy of Portland Children's Museum.

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