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One Second Everyday, December 2017

My job mystifies people. I know this. I get asked "wait, what do you do?" all. the. time. I'm working on ways to show people a little bit better. This is a start.

Here's 1.5 seconds of "work" per day, for all of December.

I filmed short videos or uploaded pictures of one project or activity I was working on for 31 days - this includes the days I consciously had to "take off." It's similar to most jobs. I spend a lot of time at the computer (I basically live in Excel), and I attend meetings. There are also parts that are unique to my world: I get to visit tons of cool museums, I get to work with friends, and I get to work from anywhere (currently stationed in my childhood bedroom while home for holidays... and work!). Plus, I can take my cat/intern with me most places I go.

Not to be too assumptive, but what other questions are there about life as a consulting evaluator? I might not have the answer, but I'll have a lot of fun figuring it out and sharing with you what I learn along the way!

What am I doing?

12/1 - Observing visit groups with children ages 5 and under in Wingding at the Crocker Art Museum
12/2 - Belated family Thanksgiving Dinner, since I happened to be in town (Sacramento) on a work trip
12/3 - Back to Portland and taking a day off to enjoy a cookie party and see friends
12/4 - Meeting with the Portland Art Museum to discuss potential opportunities to work together
12/5 - Mailing off holiday cards to friends, clients, and collaborators
12/6 - Logic modeling with post-its from the Sacramento work trip
12/7 - Data entry from Wingding observations
12/8 - Finishing up a report with a collaborator for National Museum of Natural History
12/9 -  Day off to spend painting, watching movies, and relaxing with my cat
12/10 - House prep and hanging pictures for Kuyumjian Consulting's "office holiday party" later in the week
12/11 - Food prep for the holiday party... Funfetti Cookies! (they're amazing - make them!)
12/12 - Visit to OMSI to see the Illusions exhibition and see a dear friend one last time before she moves
12/13 - Monthly meeting with other consultants to check in and support one another
12/14 - Traveled from Portland to Indy for a wedding, responded to emails and monitored survey responses from my iPad with my road snacks in the hotel
12/15 - Day off to explore Indy and get some beauty rest with my silliest friend
12/16 - Day off to celebrate the marriage of one of my closest friends and former roommate (we lived together in Rome!)
12/17 - Brunch with a colleague and friend before leaving Indy and returning to Portland
12/18 - Catching up on emails, sending out invoices ($$$), and wrapping up some projects before holiday and work travel
12/19 - Road trip from Portland to Sacramento, (only 11 hours this time) accompanied by my cat and the Alexander Hamilton audiobook!
12/20 - Observing visit groups with children age 5 and under in Totland at the Crocker Art Museum
12/21 - Traveled to LA (17th flight of the year... 10th full body TSA pat down) where we celebrated my dad's birthday and laid my grandpa to rest
12/22 - Quick morning hike in Tarzana before driving back to Sacramento (6 hours)
12/23 - Observing visit groups with children ages 5 and under in Wingding at the Crocker Art Museum
12/24 - Relaxing and watching Hallmark movies while Snapchatting my cat at my dad's house, after a day of data entry and emailing
12/25 - Day off to celebrate Christmas with my family
12/26 - Emails, revising surveys, data entry, mailing off contracts, and other admin tasks
12/27 - Data collection and entry from a survey hoping to hear from visitors with children age 5 and under in their group
12/28 - Data collection from a survey hoping to gain a baseline awareness of visitor experiences
12/29 - Prepping to review 1000+ qualitative responses from an online survey
12/30 - Observing visit groups with children age 5 and under in Totland at the Crocker Art Museum
12/31 - Data collection for two different surveys at the Crocker's annual Noon Year's Eve celebration

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