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Books Consumed in 2017

It's no secret that I love reading. It, after eating, is my favorite hobby.

A few years ago I found an op-ed piece from a women who read for her job - she was a reviewer - and she shared the spreadsheet within which she was tracking her reading. I already used Goodreads to keep note of my progress, but this seeing this woman's spreadsheet was like the heavens cracking open - it was glorious! It didn't take long for me to build my own. 

Around the same time I discovered this miraculous new approach to gathering literary data I was, professionally, getting into data visualization and trying to think about visual communications. I put two and two together and realized I had a fun data set to play with. Thus, my annual reading infographics were born! 

Without further adieu... here are the books I consumed* in 2017, along with some stats about my selections:

Forgive the gainy-ness... I had a helluva time converting the PDF to a PNG format with this new Microsoft Edge malarkey. 

That's the finished product... below is a sampling of my drafting and creative process. I struggled with having too much data and deciding what to prioritize. Last year I was focused on quantity - number of pages turned, total hours listened, etc. This year I wanted to look more at the range in format, the motivations to read, and what how life circumstances impacted how or when I read. One thing I also learned was that including the book titles - however small the font had to be - was important to me. Because, really, what's the point in talking about all my reading if not to share the characters I devoted so many hours to?

*I toy with using "consumed" over "read" because I think it helps account for and validate all the different reading formats (i.e., audiobooks) better. 

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