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One Second Everyday, Winter 2018

My first use of 1 Second Everyday, showing people what I do, seemed to go over well. With encouragement from peers, friends, and lurkers on the blog, I opted to do a second go-round - but quarterly instead of monthly. When thinking about posting in January, I found I was spending too much time fretting over capturing my "one second" and I didn't like that. I want to spend my time thinking about work and making (hopefully) meaningful contributions to the space on the internet my blog is taking up. Opting to go quarterly allowed me to do that. 

Here is my video for January, February, and March. Following it are a few of my thoughts about each month. To the right, obviously, is a notation of what I was doing in each frame.


This was a crazy busy month, with many 10-12 hour days. Between conducting surveys, entering data, doing analysis, reporting, meetings, and other work, I had a little break after the holidays (actually, my first "day off" since Christmas was January 7). I was supporting work for 4 on-site projects, virtual work for two clients, and preparing to launch awards applications for a professional development association I volunteer with. I was often tired, cranky, and hungry. I can't truly complain too much because I thrive in a busy environment. This mad start to 2018 allowed me to spend time with so many friends and beloved colleagues. It afforded me opportunities for more personal and professional travel, and I saw tons of fabulous art. 

We'll see if this hectic month sets the tone for 2018 or not. If it means my work days will be full, that they will include familiar faces, they they will bring inspiring introductions, and that they afford me continual opportunities to laugh amidst the chaos, then I welcome what the year brings. If my work days also happen to take me to new places, challenge me creatively and strategically, and end with a delicious meal (paired with a glass of wine)... then cheers!


Though February brought more sunlight, my workdays were shorter, more focused, and somewhat less dramatic than in January. It was a reflective month. I celebrated my one year as a consultant and used that milestone as an opportunity to think about future goals. I submitted my name for two bold opportunities, and was turned down for each (within 12 hours of each other... ouch). New opportunities for peer mentoring and creative work presented themselves (within 24 hours of the rejection... whoa). It was also a month of communication. I had about 20 meetings - in person, over video chat, and via phone - where findings were shared, projects were kicked-off, and new ideas explored. Finally, it was a month of sharing: three individuals approached me about life as a female entrepreneur. These women are all hoping to start or scale up their own endeavors;  I benefited tremendously from the generosity of other's sharing their experiences and insights. It was exciting to realize, that after one year, I also have valuable insights to share.


Similar to January, much of this month was spent with loved ones - making it a fun kind of stressful. I traveled to visit my sister and have dinner with a cousin; I also traveled to meet up with colleagues for a work retreat. I met with a dear friend and graphic designers in person (new logo coming soon!) and met several times with my financial planner to help get my taxes in order (it took 8 weeks between us and my accountant). I conducted about 7 video meetings, and who knows how many phone meetings. I hosted another cousin, celebrated my nephew's birthday, and met a new niece. Most these days were fun, but to make it all happen I was often starting work at 6 or 7 AM to work for a solid 6 hours before heading out into the world for fun. And it was a month of work. I'm balancing several reports with complex analysis. One project launched a major survey of it's membership. Another is completely revamping it's surveying methodology. Two conference proposals were submitted, and I'm working on a poster submission this week. I relied heavily on coffee throughout the day... averaging around 7 cups. The memories and experiences and new ideas that emerged from all this action feels pretty worth it. Some of the successes this month include being able to contribute to my retirement account, discovering an amazing new pino noir winery in the region, and finally getting to see Hamilton. 

About my use of 1 Second Everyday:

I filmed short videos or uploaded pictures of one project or activity I was working on for individual days - sometimes including the days I consciously had to "take off." My work is similar to most jobs. I spend a lot of time at the computer (I basically live in Excel), and I attend meetings. There are also parts that are unique to my world: I get to visit tons of cool museums, I get to work with friends, and I get to work from anywhere. Plus, I can take my cat/intern with me most places I go.

Second x Second Breakdown

1/1 - New year, new page for a new "to do" list in my notebook
1/2 - A stack of 175+ pieces of survey data (each 3-4 pages), ready for entry.
1/3 - Popping by a Docent Colloquium at the Crocker Art Museum to say hello to old friends before hitting the floor for more data collection (exit surveys)
1/4 - Totebag full of clipboards, extra surveys, and sharpened pencils ready (experience surveys)
1/5 - Came across a cute museo-love note while doing data entry
1/6 - "Bring Your Mom to Work Day," and don't she look cute?!
1/7 - Day Off, spent touring Empire State Mines with my mom and sister
1/8 - Back to the data entry grind
1/9 -  Hanging out at the Crocker Art Museum admission desk, spending an afternoon doing exit surveys - all this talking to people can be tiring!
1/10 - Cozying up to my cat-intern while entering data and catching up on the news
1/12 - Participating in the Forum for Leaders in Art Museum Education Start with Why training (and doing pre/post surveys)
1/13 - Last day at the Crocker, doing observations in one final ECE space, Art Spot: Kit and Kaboodle
1/14 - Day Off, spent prepping for the return trip to Portland and relaxing with my Dad
1/15 - Day Off, spent driving up from Sacramento to Portland. Took another 12 hours, with lots of beautiful fog to guide me home.
1/16 - Settling back into the home(and home office), including giving my intern a bath after all her travels
1/17 - Back to desk work and checking of that New Year's Day to do list
1/18 - Catching up on observational data entry (around 40 pieces of observational data were collected while in Sacramento)
1/19 - Using my floor as "shelving..." realizing I need to buy a file cabinet
1/20 - Day Off, checking out the Laika exhibition at Portland Art Museum with a close friend
1/21 - Day Off, getting outside of my comfort zone by joining a kickball league
1/22 - Drafting my Books Consumed in 2017 infographic and blog post
1/23 - Trying to get organized for tax season... it is very confusing
1/24 - Reporting on observational data from Wingding and looking at images to punch things up
1/29 - Site visit to Girls in Tech, where we held a kick-off working meeting for an exciting new project
1/30 - Day Off, touring SFMOMA
2/1 -  Hand sketches and outlines for a visual logic model
2/2 - Digitizing the sketches and bringing the proposed visual logic model to life
2/6 - Dealing with my intern... a strong believer in sharing chairs and desks.
2/8 - Late night working in a coffee shop on a report from data collected in January... needed the change of pace and caffeine to stay motivated
2/10 - "Work Retreat" to the Oregon Coast in celebration of one year consulting
2/16 - Attending a Creative Mornings lecture in a very chic warehouse
2/19 - A surprising late winter snow to help distract me while I draft surveys
2/20 - Reading up on contextual material for an IMLS proposal I was working
2/22 - Helping a pal edit her survey, again with my intern close by
2/23 - Late night proposal-writing inspiration hits... on a Friday
2/26 - Sketches for an inforgraphic that the Junior League of Portland can use to help share about the work it does
2/28 - Mapping out timelines, deadlines, and schedules for various projects
3/1 - Portland's first ever Museum Professionals Mixer!
3/2 - Treating myself to a little creative professional development: a photography class
3/5 - Sketching a report outline for a "summary of findings" that looks across a pre-, immediate post-, and delayed post-survey
3/6 - Taking a conference call at PDX
3/7 - An incredible 45 seconds in Kusama's infinity mirrored room "The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away" at the Broad
3/8 - Working remotely in my grandparent's house, sharing the space with my artist sister
3/9 - Joining friends and colleagues for a work retreat in Joshua Tree... and trying to respond to emails in a hammock (I fell out of it)
3/10 - Day 2 of our work retreat focused on team building; I woke up early to respond to emails and work on a report
3/11 - Day 3 of our work retreat took us to a site-specific installation of Noah Purifoy's work
3/12 - Ended out work retreat with a sunrise hike to Barker Dam
3/13 - Responding to an inquiry about guest lecturing on data visualization and visual communications
3/15 - A dear friend and graphic artist is helping me create a logo. These were samples of ideas I liked and didn't like to get her started.
3/16 - Attending a Creative Mornings' conversation in a random warehouse. The theme was "courage!"
3/19 - Diving deep into some quantitative reporting, with my intern.
3/22 - Sketching out an idea for a report, it's flow, and ways to visualize the narrative.
3/25 - Day off spent wine tasting and bubbles tasting, with my cousin (visiting from New Jersey)
3/26 - An evening of whiskey tasting at Multnomah Whiskey Library with my cousin and her colleagues - all professional musicians and/or composers!
3/27 - Planning out my April... lots of surprise travel popped up!
3/28 - Finalizing details for my guest lecture at UW this April.
3/29 - Reviewing the report started on March 19.
3/30 - Curriculum planning for the guest lecture... we might be talking about bubble charts... still a little iffy on how they look and what they communicate. 
3/31 - Day off, meeting my brand new niece. <3