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I Read A Lot in 2018

In what has become one of my favorite ways to start of the new year, I am excited to share with you my 2018 reading infographic… er, executive summary!!!

2018 was a big reading year for me. I knocked out 100 books on a variety of platforms (hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and e-reader) and in a variety of places (beds, planes, couches, buses, treadmills, restaurants, on stretches of I-5…). In previous years I would set goals to help guide and broaden my reading (x percent female authors or non-white authors). This year things were simple - read “more classics” and find more books/authors that get me laughing out loud. I continued to use a combination of Goodreads and a Google Sheet to track my reading performance.

It was fun. The closer I got to 100 the more excited I got for a super data-set where percentages would mirror the real story. Until it came time to analyze things and I was no longer interested in creating graphs and charts and other things I’ve done in the past. I was more interested in some of the wacky findings emerging from the data. So, I present to you my first Reading Executive Summary. Same, but different.

Reviewing my data in this way highlighted a lot of personally interesting and also some not-so-flattering findings about my reading behavior. Read on if you’re curious to see what I mean!

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