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Ways we can Learn Together.

There are lots of ways an organization can partner with an evaluation consultant.
Together we can design studies, assess internal strategy, build capacity, and have a lot of fun along the way.

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Research & Evaluation

Your team has the vision and know-how to make amazing programs, exhibits, or experiences happen. I'll work with you to help connect your idea with it's users, understanding what they truly want from you. As you develop your idea, I'll help you think strategy and process, helping you stay on track towards reaching your goals. Once it's all said and done, I'll take a look at what kinds of impact is happening as a result. Research and evaluation can happen in any phase of a project; no matter what your need is, together we'll define, create, and measure impact.

Facilitation & Reflection

Whether you're brainstorming something big, "in the weeds," or starting to wind a project down,  taking the time to step back and reflect on process can help understand intended or realized impact. As a Facilitator, I can guide teams in thinking sessions - pulling out ideas and aligning them with internal goals; I can help teams to incorporate reflective activities into standard practice, to ensure internal alignment between process and impact; I can help teams celebrate the conclusion of a project, documenting process, lessons learned, and ideas for continued impact.

Strategic Thinking

Museums and nonprofits in the cultural sector exist to educate and make change. I can help you articulate that change by supporting strategic thinking efforts. Together, we can write a plan (or rethink an existing one), outlining a clear goal with realistic, measurable success indicators to help benchmark progress. 

Capacity Building

Evaluation and data-driven decision making is something all practitioners are capable of. Work with me to find ways to increase internal capacity for adopting evaluative practices into day-to-day work. We can figure out what is best for your team and their time - learning how to talk to and watch visitors, understanding what to do with an Excel file full of numbers and words, or even just learning what all that "evaluation speak" really means.

Logic Models & Planning Tools

Sometimes having a good idea of where you want to go isn't enough - you need a road map or guide to help you get there. That's where I can help. I'll work with you to develop a logic model (also known as "theory of action") that articulates the vision you're trying to achieve, the strategies you're using to realize it, and what kind of outcomes you can expect as a result. This tool is a useful touchstone during project ideation and implementation. It is a great resource for documenting a project at it's completion, and leveraging that success towards realizing your next goal.

Market Research & Support

Consumers, like visitors, use and experience products or services all the time. If you're interested in learning more about your base, let's talk about innovative, qualitative approaches to getting their insights. I'm available to draft studies, provide feedback on instruments, program surveys, analyze data with an eye towards your prodcuts, and provide data-driven recommendations on next steps.